Posadzki z kamienia

Stone floors

posadzki z kamienia naturalnego, posadzki kamienne

Natural stone floors

Ceramic tiles still dominate in Polish homes. However, more and more people are choosing slightly more expensive, but also more durable alternative. Stone floors, if well cared for, will serve their occupants for many years. That is why they are a profitable investment.

Our offer includes floors made of natural material, which is exceptionally durable and aesthetic at the same time. The materials include, among others:

  • sandstone,
  • granite,
  • marble,
  • basalt.

Each of them is ideal for stone flooring. The choice of a particular raw material depends on personal preferences and several external factors. For example, marble should not be exposed to moisture and changeable weather conditions. Granite or sandstone will do much better outdoors.

We provide professional assistance in choosing the right stone for the floor. All the projects we design take into account the expectations of our customers and follow all the rules of art.


Easy to maintain stone floors

One of the most important advantages of natural stone flooring is easy maintenance. It does not require the use of specialised chemicals or tools. Care is based on very basic methods. The effects last for a very long time. Stone floors are much more affordable than ceramic tiles or impregnated wood.

Renovation of natural stone floors is equally easy. They can be renewed many times without fear of damage. Simply refresh the top layer to restore their original appearance. Some stone floors don’t even require impregnation. Besides, they are easy to install.

Another fact in favour of stone floors is the possibility to use them with more and more popular underfloor heating, because the material absorbs heat in an excellent way. Such a solution is suitable both in living rooms and bathrooms or kitchens.

We encourage you to contact us by phone or e-mail. We will answer all your questions about stone floors and provide you with details of cooperation.

posadzki z kamienia naturalnego, posadzki kamienne


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