Ogrodzenie z piaskowca

Fences made of sandstone

ogrodzenia z piaskowca, płot z piaskowca

Modern fences made of sandstone

We offer you high quality sandstone fences made to order. It is worth to decide on such a solution, if you expect durability for years, combined with exceptional aesthetics. Sandstone fence will be a showpiece of your property, attracting the eye and separating the area from the sight of unwanted people. This material is characterised by a specific colour, pleasant to the eye, giving the surroundings an original look. In addition, it has excellent resistance properties – it is resistant to ageing effects, the impact of various substances, and in addition it is insensitive to extreme weather conditions.

When it comes to fencing made of sandstone the price is always competitive in our company and it is set individually for each order. It is worth noting that sandstone has a specific texture and often occurring original and natural discolorations, which make each fence a unique element. That is why fences made of sandstone are so often chosen by our customers.

The versatile sandstone fence

Sandstone is an elegant material with an unusual colour and texture. This makes it a material of universal properties. A fence made of sandstone can successfully surround an area with a modern, minimalist building with an industrial character as well as a traditional house with a sloping roof, columns or wooden elements. It combines easily with other materials, such as metal.

Due to its high susceptibility to processing, the material can be formed into various shapes. We guarantee, that fence made of sandstone will not be boring. It is worth to decide for such solution not only on the side of the street but on the whole property. Sandstone fences can be easily put on uneven and demanding areas. The raw material itself does not need expensive maintenance and at the same time it is extremely easy to clean. If you think about how much does a sandstone fence really cost, the price turns out to be relatively low compared to the durability and unique aesthetics you get in return.

ogrodzenie z piaskowca cena
płot z piaskowca, ogrodzenia z piaskowca

Sandstone fence price

Using natural material for building a fence gives many advantages. First of all, you get a solid and durable fence made of sandstone. The price is set individually depending on the height, length and form, but remains at a very competitive level. We cooperate only with proven suppliers, and all works are performed at express pace. So you get a guarantee that the sandstone fence made by our company will meet the highest quality standards.

We have a comprehensive approach to the service – we take measurements, advise, create a project and support our clients at all stages of cooperation. We believe that sandstone fence in cream, yellow or reddish colour will make every surrounding unique.

We invite you to familiarise yourself with our projects, where we present selected sandstone fences.


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