Ogrodzenia z kamienia naturalnego

Fences made of natural stone

ogrodzenia z kamienia naturalnego

Aesthetic fences made of natural stone

Fencing the property is one of the most important elements, which should be decided upon while building a house or carrying out renovation works. It is a showpiece of the property, therefore it should harmonise with the general appearance of the house. We offer you a solid, durable and above all eye-catching stone fence. We offer comprehensive services, including design, workmanship and advice at every stage of cooperation. Natural stone fences are a perfect way to surround your plot, muffle sounds coming from outside and create an aesthetic coherent with your house.

Stone fences can be made in a variety of styles, so it’s easy to match their appearance to the surroundings, giving the whole a strong character. When creating natural stone fences we use various types of materials such as granite, sandstone, limestone, slate and others. They provide virtually endless design possibilities and at the same time have a unique appearance, therefore each stone fence is unique.

Natural stone fence for years

Stone is a material that will last in perfect condition for many years. Natural stone fencing does not require complicated maintenance to look good after a long time. We guarantee resistance to changeable weather, heat, frost, rain, snow blizzards and sunlight. When it comes to stone fences the price list is determined individually for each order. The final cost depends on many factors, such as the type of material used, the length of the fence, its height and complexity of form.

What is important, stone fences perfectly fit in with any type of architecture. They will perfectly match traditional looking houses surrounded by lush gardens as well as modern minimalist approach to construction. Natural stone fences can be freely combined with metal or wooden elements, creating incredibly impressive elements. In addition, stone fencing has no negative impact on the environment.

ogrodzenia z kamienia cennik
ogrodzenie z kamienia naturalnego

Stone fences price list

In the subject of stone fences the price list cannot be fixed for each order. We always try to choose the material and the way of processing in such a way to get maximum savings for you. Each fence made of natural stone is a new challenge for us, which we approach with full commitment. Before we undertake its realization, we carefully examine the terrain and consult any changes introduced to the project with you.

The possibility of practically any cutting of the material makes stone fences capable of taking really surprising shapes. We invite you to read the section Realizations, where we present our chosen achievements. As far as the stone fences are concerned, the price list in our company is very competitive. We cooperate with reliable suppliers, completing orders in a short period of time.

Fencing made of natural stone is the best solution for those who like when the traditional approach is combined with the possibilities of modern processing technology. You are welcome.


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