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elewacja z piaskowca cena, elewacje z piaskowca

Exceptional sandstone facades

Sandstone is an excellent material for façades. It has many advantages, the most important of which is its great appearance. Sandstone for facades is available in different colours and shades and allows for different surfaces. For this reason it is extremely popular in building and architecture.

In a matter such as sandstone façade the price also influences its popularity. Although it is not one of the cheapest materials, it makes up for it in aesthetics and durability. This is the main reason why so many public buildings and even private properties choose to use sandstone.

Facade stone sandstone – properties and advantages

Sandstone for facades is mainly produced in the form of facade slabs which give a structure pleasant to the eye and to the hand. Less frequently sandstone facades take the form of irregularly shaped cladding. These are meant to resemble more traditional – even historic – architecture. When it comes to façade stone, sandstone can easily be used in both styles. As professionals we can realise any project according to our clients’ wishes.

Sandstone is a natural stone which has numerous advantages. Apart from aesthetic considerations, it is worth noting how easy it is to process sandstone for facades. The price of the material (very moderate) results directly from the ease of cutting and further shaping.

The material is suitable as a facade stone. Sandstone is characterised by water absorption and frost resistance which makes it a perfect material for walls of buildings. Even the harshest atmospheric conditions are not able to take away the stone’s original charm. Moreover, sandstone for facades is difficult to damage mechanically. It is durable even over time, which makes it a safe investment for the future.

kamień elewacyjny piaskowiec, elewacje z piaskowca
piaskowiec na elewacje cena, elewacje z piaskowca

Sandstone for facades – price of raw material and workmanship

The most inspiring projects require the right amount of money. However, there is no question of overpaying for the service. Thanks to our company’s offer you can purchase truly unique sandstone for facades. The price will surprise even the most demanding ones. It is possible thanks to cooperation with trusted suppliers and individual approach. The cost of the order is calculated on the basis of several factors. These include the size and complexity of the project, stone processing or how original the sandstone façade is to be. The price is thus strictly adjusted to the customer’s needs.

Another advantage of cooperation with our company is its complexity. All the activities related to the creation of the elevation – from the design, through the stone processing to the final realisation – are carried out within one service. Thanks to that sandstone elevations are made much cheaper than the competition.

If you are interested in a high quality sandstone facade, the price for the service and project offered by our company should be very satisfactory. In case of any doubts please contact us by phone or e-mail. We will be happy to share the details of our cooperation.


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Kamień dekoracyjny - Kamieniarka
Kamień dekoracyjny - Kamieniarka